Our Services

Courthouse ServicesAdvanced Background Check ®, services over 80% of the industry’s largest employment screening companies through its wholesale division!

Beyond our wholesale background check services, we serve hundreds of employers, government entities and non-profit organizations via our retail pre-employment screening unit. Based on our origin in wholesale criminal records research, we are uniquely able to drive time and expenses out of the screening process while providing incredible accuracy due to our personal and direct relations with trained court records researchers and quality data sources.

Our criminal record background check have helped businesses and organizations of all sizes make informed hiring decisions which in turn reduces the risk of workplace violence by avoiding negligent hiring practices.

We offer a comprehensive suite of national screening services, including:

  • County and Federal Criminal Records Searches
  • Statewide Criminal Searches
  • SSN Address Histories
  • Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs)
  • Employment Work Histories
  • Education Verifications

Advanced Background Check, Inc.provides several key services to assist clients in their real estate services including simple document retrievals of county recorded documents, UCCs, Lien searches, mortgage searches, current owners, full title searches, PJR searches and REO searches.

Advanced Digital Security offers high resolution digital security and surveillance systems that are truly as easy to use as simply going online. We have applications for every retail, commercial and industrial environment.

Comprehensive Suite of Business Services

Along with our subsidiary companies, we offer the highest quality of criminal background checks, identity verification, abstract driver record searches, public record document retrieval, property title research and retrieval, National WebCheck fingerprinting, drug screening and digital security and surveillance systems.  We customize these to businesses of all sizes from small and mid-size corporations to the largest of Fortune 500 companies. Please contact us with any questions by calling us Toll Free at 888-264-4018 or using our online contact form here or send an email to info@abcheck.com