Often times, companies do not screen a potential candidate for hire, or obtain flawed information about a candidate. There have been many times in the histories of countless companies when employees have not been drug tested, and are later found to have drug problems. There have also been instances when security guards have not been checked for criminal records, which can cause many issues in a company’s future. Such negligence in the hiring process can result in employee conspiracy against their employer, harassment claims in the workplace, and many other forms of misconduct within the workplace. Skipping the background screening process thoroughly before hiring someone can lead to many of the issues stated above. There are also times when a company does screen a candidate, but tries to cut costs by using a less expensive screening service that is not accurate. Sometimes a background check will come back and say that the candidate has a felony, when in fact the person with the felony is actually not the original candidate. Employers must be careful when choosing a company to screen their candidates and must also make sure that they are receiving reliable and accurate information.

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